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Step I: Pre-Labor Approval
After receiving the approval request letter from the specific organization, all the documents are performed for pre-labor approval. The Department of Foreign Employment (DOFE) of Nepal evaluates the documents and certifies them for additional processing.

Step II: Advertisement
The request letter that is performed by the Department of Foreign Employment (DOFE) is published in the national daily/weekly newspaper for assembling the documents. Trikon Management Services Pvt. Ltd uses various tools such as the internet, SMS, telephone, etc. to characterize and accumulate documents. These documents are additionally met through direct candidates in preference to public relations officers.

Step III: Candidate Screening/Interview
 We explore to find and select a candidate for a job with full of information based on their skills and education. Trikon Management Services Pvt. Ltd. Shall have to go through various steps to get to the final stage of the employee selection process. The final interview or the short-listed candidates will be conducted by the employer by taking an oral, written, and practical test. Talking about the interview, a good interview will let us know the hiring decisions for evaluating and comparing the patentability of candidates.

Step IV: Communications
It’s challenging to attract good candidates. All the departments of Trikon Management Services Pvt. Ltd. are fully approved and networked to provide our clients and the candidates with the quality services. Our staff members are always committed and ready to help its clients by giving quality manpower services.

Step V: Medical Checkup
The selected candidates are required to check their health conditions. So only selected candidates will be sent for the full medical check-up to the medical center authorized by Nepal. The candidates who are physically and mentally fit will be fit to be chosen to sign the employment contract after the further visa procedures.

Step VI: Visa Processing
We send all the necessary documents as per requirements for the additional visa processing like passport copies, photographs, medical reports, experience certificates, etc. to the employer.

Step VII: Orientation
The orientation classes are mandatory organized by the government-registered orientation institute of Nepal, which provides full information about law and order, immigration policy, cultural religion of respective countries upon receiving the job offer or employment visa. It helps to create awareness and establish friendly relations between employer and employee.

Step VIII: Final Labor Approval
All the important documents like original passport, visa copy, medical report, orientation certificate, insurance policy are submitted to the Department of Forei8gn Employment (DOFE), Nepal for final approval and immigration clearance. The Department of Foreign Employment (DOFE) analyzes the documents and also provides final approval.

Final: Travel Arrangement
As soon as the visa got approved, we give ticket booking to our travel agency or directly to the concerned airline to confirm seats to the nearest airport of the authorized country. After the flight authentication, we send flight details to our employer requesting them for airport pick-up and hostel adjustment.