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Required Documents

Trikon Management Required Documents

The necessary documents are varied from country to country, but all the documents are equally required to meet the approved formalities of the labor department of Nepal. The required documents should be certified by the authorized country’s Chamber of Commerce, Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MOFA), and authenticated from Nepal Embassy in the existing country.

Demand Letter
A copy of the demand letter from the candidates containing all the details of the vacancy, e.g. required skills of the employers, number of workers, salary, qualification, and their experience. Moreover, the terms and conditions of services would also be offered. The demand letter must be certified by the Chamber of Commerce and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

Power of Attorney
 Power of Attorney is a legal authentication, for workers for the process in the selection of workers. A copy of the power of attorney, correctly verified by the ministry of foreign affairs or Ministry of Labor from the country of the workers in a labor recruitment agency to act in his favor. The consular letter is applicable in case of issues of identified Visa by the workers.

Agency Agreement
The agreement between Trikon Management and Employer mentions all the recruiting terms and conditions. Guarantee of the workers in the pattern of the letter. The guarantee from the employers that all workers sent to them will work within that country only. Nobody will be sent out of the country.

Employment Contract
An illustration copy of the employment contract of service harmony mentioning offered salary and schedule of advantages to the workers together with accommodation, food, and health facilities. Employment contract between employer and employer only copy signed and stamped by the sponsor.

Consular Letter
A letter that is addressed to the connected deputation, the mission for the essential command. This letter is issued by the employer addressing the consulate general of the respective embassy, intimating them for the appointment of Trikon Management Services Pvt. Ltd.