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Notice about required documents

Publish Date: 26 Sep, 2021

Notice about required documents

Demand Letter
The demand letter should mention the number and gender of workers; their basic salary, working time, accommodation and transportation, and provision of food; the contract period of workers; health facilities, insurance moreover other benefits and services, and cost of a visa. Emirates Id, etc.

Power of Attorney
A letter issued by the employer authorizing Trikon Management Services, Pvt. Ltd. To supply workers. The license numbers of both the Nepali and related countries should be mentioned. It gives authority to the agency for sending workers legally.

Employment Contract
An illustration copy of the employment contract of service harmony mentioning offered salary and schedule of advantages to the workers together with accommodation, food, and health facilities. Employment contract between employer and employer only copy signed and stamped by the sponsor.

Service Agreement
Two copies of agreement between related company and recruitment agency in Nepal.

Guarantee Letter
Two copies of the undertaking following that the employees will be assigned to work in the company specified in the contract, and will not be compelled to work outside the company, and assuring the safety and security of workers.

All these documents must be duly sealed and attested by the Chamber of Commerce and Ministry of Foreign Affairs. Moreover, for some countries, attestation from related recruitment services is required.

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